Chrispy, Chrispyman
AIM status TheChrispyman
Simi Valley, CA
May 17th
College student
Computers, Video Games, Electronics, TV, Robots, SA, WoW, Strongbad E-mails, Arcade Hardware, Good Friends, and so on...

Well let's just get started about me! Some of my favorite things to do would be to play video games, chat on AIM, read Slashdot, check out the latest Strongbad E-mail or perhaps just relax and watch some TV shows like The Simpsons or South Park. Occasionally I've been known to help people out with their computer problems, or if they're really nice, I might even go to their place and fix them personally. I'm okay with computers, servers, networking, and other sorts of technology products although I'm nowhere near the übernerd I hope to someday become. Really these days I spend most of my time doing homework, playing WoW or browsing the many interesting threads on SA. I've done everything from running ethernet to installing little Linksys routers to creating a custom router/server out of an old computer, although I haven't touched of that super fancy corporate class stuff... yet. For the most part, I prefer FreeBSD as a server operating system and have used it since version 4.4 was hot stuff. I am decently familiar with Linux and NetWare servers, and of course Microsoft Windows on the client side. Granted, I don't like to touch the non Windows NT series. I also recently go into the overcrowded webhosting business and that seems to be going okay, even if for now it basically (for now) just serves as a self sustaining project to provide my friends with good webhosting.

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