The mothership of all nerd sites has to be Slashdot. They usually got some good stories and discussions, which I find myself reading pretty much daily. Lets just hope that my server doesn't get slashdotted one day...

One of those blog sites where you can basically write a bunch of crap about your life and somehow trick to read it. It's alright I guess or atleast way better than the shithole that is MySpace. While you're there, you might want to check out my LiveJournal.

Chrispyman Networks
This is the website of my webhosting business. If you need reasonably priced hosting with pretty damn good uptime and an admin who'se totally anal about security but gives you quite a bit of freedom you'll love us! Also we proudly run FreeBSD on our server and give shell access too!

Broadband Reports
If your DSL or Cable internet has you down, you might find this place to be a good place to visit. Even if you don't, they have nice things like an Internet speed test and some interesting discussions from time to time.

Think Slashdot, but take away the nerdyness, add some mainstream appeal, add in tons of wacky Photoshops, and you get fark.

Something Awful Forums
Quite possibly one of the last troll-free forums on the internet. Tons of totally crazy and funny shit goes on here. True, they do charge a one time fee to register an account to post (or see a few of the hidden forums), but it's really worth it in the long run. It goes without saying that I spend too much time there.

Homestar Runner
Probably one of the greatest Flash cartoon sites of all time, especially the Strongbad E-mails. For that matter, if you don't already know about this site, have you been living under a rock that doesn't have internet access for the past five years?

k i l b 0 t d 0 t c o m
This would be Kevin's site. There's really not that much there at the moment other than an archive of last year's Simi High underground newspaper, insert title here.

Planet GameCube
The ultimate resource for the latest news about Nintendo, praticularly the Nintendo GameCube. Not a bad site to visit every couple of days.

Penny Arcade
Who doesn't like the Penny Arcade comics?
Home of the Neo Geo price guide and the Neo Geo forums. Lots of good info if you ever plan to aquire an arcade machine, especially if it's a Neo Geo.

The people who make FireFox, the popular lean mean web browsing machine. They also make Thunderbird, a very nice e-mail client.

This is my favorite server operating system. While Linux and Solaris both are very nice UNIX-like operating systems, I just prefer FreeBSD for it's awesome ports collection. None of this RPM hell in BSD! Well, Gentoo is nice too, and so is Debian, but FreeBSD still beats em hands down.

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